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The sodolite handmade in America stretch 108 mala by Breathe Deep Designs

Stretch 108 Gemstone Mala in Sodolite

  • Length: 30 Inches with 2.5 inch handmade silk pendant
  • Stones & Materials: Sodolite, Brass Om, African Brass Guru Bead, handmade silk tassel


This gorgeous 108 mala STRETCHES!  The 8 mm Sodolite gemstones are hand picked and made by my hand in Texas. The African Brass Bead is fair trade and the beautiful hand cut brass Oms are from India.  I've created this small batch of gemstone malas because I wanted a high quality set of malas for myself and a lucky few. 


Each strand of gemstones was picked by me, strung on this wonderful stretch material and designed by my hand to include a more worldly aesthetic for when you wear it around your neck, wrist or meditate.  


Sodolite is a gorgeous blue gray color and you'll be suprised at how gorgeous these stones are.


Channel your inner guru as you meditate. Collect one or all.  They are each so beautiful.  The four made are Rose Quartz (pink), Amethyst (purple), Sodolite (blue gray) and Lapis Lazuli (cobalt blue).


  • Details

    These 108 beaded necklaces can be worn on the neck or hand when not in use. When in use, wear on the right hand and allow your thumb to push each bead as you say your prayer. The rest should drape over your middle finger as your pointer finger represents the ego.

  • Customizing Your Tassel Length

    Want the tassel shortened? Let us know what length you'd like it and it will be done.


    The last photo shows our Maxi Mala bag (sold seperately). Since this is an 8mm mala, we recommend the maxi mala bag to protect your mala. The interior is softly padded and it has a carry handle. To see the available colors and size information, view the Maxi mala bag Here.

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