Lotus Om Large Cotton Jewelry Pouch shown in 4 Colors

Large Om Mala Bag, the Perfect Travel Jewelry Bag


Going Somewhere? This gorgeous cotton Om and Lotus embroidered bag has been made in a MAXI or large size. It can be used as a jewelry purse in your bag to hold your jewelry when you travel or if you wear a lot of bracelets and still safely carry them.  I have been asked over and over for a larger option that could be a travel jewelry bag large enough to hold a larger sized mala or bangles.  After designing them and getting it just right, they are finally available.  Use it for malas as large as 10mm with longer tassels or use it for large bangles but feel confident when you traveleing that the cotton interior will safely transport your precious jewelry.


It also makes a sweet reusable gift bag for necklaces from our store or use it in your backpack to carry your jewelry when you need to take it off.  


  • Width: 4 inches
  • Depth: 2.5 inches
  • Strap: 3 inches long
  • Details: Cotton Lined and additional zipper that opens half way around
  • Colors: Deep Red, Forest Green, Dark Blue and Purple.


This listing is for one MAXI cotton bag and is also large enough to carry most sized malas and bangles. Please note that each one is handmade and may vary slightly.


We have two sizes, the smaller size is shown on the last photo and that item is a separate listing in our shop.  For dimensions, details and colors available for the smaller bag, please see the Small Lotus Travel Jewelry Bag




Om is a Hindu symbol often used in yoga. It is the sound of the universe, a chant within, and it reminds us to be conscience of all actions as they have a ripple effect on all things around us. Many of my designs are adorned with an Om. It also has an Lotus which symbolizes turning away from darkness or things that make you sad. Only by turning towards the light, the Lotus and you can BLOOM!



Embroidered Cotton with an Om inside a Lotus, it is uniquely pretty! Grab one before they are gone!







Mala Bag Color