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Here is a collection of curated pieces I'm featuring for the man in your life. If you have a man you would follow all over the world on this crazy adventure of life, take a closer look here.


Find him something unique in Wander with Him.  Many designs are unisex in case you like something for yourself!

Our main line has beautiful designs featuring pieces and parts collected from all over the world from fair trade artisans. Our Wanderer Collection has the look of well-traveled pieces reminding us to experience adventures and connect with the world as we travel. Made of metals such as brass and sterling silver, it combines semi-precious gemstones with beautiful pieces that feature lost art artisan work from all over the world.

Bhakti is the ancient Sanskrit world for Devotion. This collection is made of spiritual pieces that are meant to inspire and ground you with sacred symbols and artifacts such as Coptic Crosses, The Tree of Life, Ohms, Hamsas (Hand of God), Buddha and Ganesha designs.  It also includes prayer containers that we  like to call mantra containers to store your prayers or sacred intentions. Made of gorgeous gemstones and sterling silver, we also have a wide verity of items in fine (pure ) silver as well. 

The Devi Collection named after Deepa’s grandmother, is the Sanskrit word for Goddess. Here our finest pieces include gold, fine silver and pave diamonds. Our gorgeous champagne diamonds are non-conflict diamonds from India that are ethically sourced and created into meaningful pieces of faith.  The Devi Collection represents all the opulence and beauty a goddess craves and needs. 

The Bold Collection represents larger more daring pieces that appeal to both women and men who don't mind being noticed.   You will stand out in gorgeous pieces that are more significant than the rest of our collections. Here we have larger mantra containers, matte finished onyx beads and other gemstones that are sure to grab your attention. Also made in small batches and often featured in magazines and print ad, be sure to grab the piece you desire before it's gone.

We've made some other pretty things for you. We just can't let you wander without something to store your beautiful items.  You might find a need for these items even if you don't wander. Take a closer look at some other things we've made before they are gone!

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