Small Om Mala Pouch 3 inches

Small Lotus Travel Jewelry Pouch for your Purse or Backpack


Our small Lotus TRavel Jewelry Pouch is perfect for your purse! The Mala Bag is a pretty handmade circluar cotton purse that can be used to store a small mala, or jewelry when you are practicing yoga or traveling.  This cotton container has a beautiful Om inside a Lotus embroidered on the front of it.  It is perfect to store jewelry as there is black cotton lining on the inside to keep your valuables safe. This makes a great gift for yogi friends or as a  complimentary keepsake to go with any of your Breathe Deep Designs jewelry. 


Select from Red, Blue or Green.


Not all malas will fit in this bag, but our rudrakshra knotted mala and our sandalwood knotted mala would definitely fit. The lovely hand made bags are 3 inches wide with a 3 inch strap and 1.5 inches deep with a zipper closure. They are also lined with black cotton which is why I use mine as a travel jewelry bag in my purse and it stores nicely when I use my backpack. Please note that each one is hand made and may vary slightly.


SYMBOLISM ___________________________________________________________Om is a Hindu symbol often used in yoga. It is the sound of the universe, a chant within, and it reminds us to be conscience of all actions as they have a ripple effect on all things around us. Many of my designs are adorned with an Om. It also has an Lotus which symbolizes turning away from darkness or things that make you sad. Only by turning towards the light, the Lotus and you can BLOOM!



I have found that a 8mm 108 mala does fit, but beware, if your tassel is long it may not fit and you might need our larger size listed here on our Maxi Om Mala Bag.