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Brass Meditation Bells for Buddhist

Large Meditation Noah Bells from India

SKU: BD-7807HB
  • Size: 3.5 X 5.25 
  • Materials: Hand Forged Indian Iron, Copper and Brass Bell


The beauty of this hand forged bell is not just in how it looks, but the melodic sound when the bell has been struck.  I would suggest hanging it to hear the purity of the sound.  This large size is suitable for wall decoration as I have styled mine in a set of two.


Purchase one, or get a pair with a discount added.


Color Description: Iron, brass and copper.  Each one has patina and no two are alike.

Upcycled from cow bells into use as meditation bells and created by our fair trade partners.


    The distinctive melody is what you will notice first with these lovely Noah Bells. Each bell is completely handmade and individually tuned of iron and copper. The secret family formula of smelting a combination of metals and hand hewing of wooden clappers is passed down from generation to generation by a tiny community of 20 families in a single village in the Kutch District of India.  

    The bells are traditionally used by shepherds to tend their flock and used by rural dwellers to ward away evil spirits. Today, use it to assist your meditation and create a sense of calm in your life.


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    Each piece is handmade and are all organically shaped.  Small variations and marks will appear on the bells but add to their beauty.   No two will be exactly alike but the image pictured is a likeness of what you will receive. It is a reminder of the distintive artists in a small village in India who all work on these beautiful bells.

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