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Stacking stones silver nugget earrings next to a shell .75 inches

Stacking Stones Sterling Silver Earrings


Solid sterling silver nuggets are stacked in a pretty arrangement and wired in silver to make .75 inch minimalist earrings. These earrings make a great reminder to be mindful.  Years ago I made the stacking stones that was inspired from time at the beach with my sister where we stacked stones  and chatting for hours.  Recently, I was able to find more of the sterling silver nuggests so I  could recreate one of my favorite necklaces and this time, new earrings too!  


Length: .75 inches

Gemstones & Materials: Silver Hematite, Solid Sterling silver nuggets

Hooks: Sterling silver earring hooks


Wear them as a reminder to be patient and mindful. It of course, goes great with our stacking stones necklace. But hurry, I have only made a few of each.

See the Stacking Stones Necklace here.

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