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Silver and Turquoise Barrel Earrings by Breathe Deep Designs

Silver Wrapped Turquoise Barrel Earrings

  • Stones & Materials: Silver Wrapped Turquoise, Pyrite, Sterling silver and silver hook earrings
  • Length: 2 inches 


These beautiful earrings are a favorite of mine.  Silver wrapping is a an ancient process of fine craftmanship produced in India and Nepal.   This lost technique has been passed from father to son in some circles of the silversmith world in India. The sterling silver wrapping technique has been applied and then hand etched by each designer for me and finally oxidized to bring out the details.  The design may vary slightly as they are each unique.


Wrapped in the center is a gorgeous barrel shapped turquoise.  It also has a faceted pyrite stone above it and is wired in silver to sterling silver hooks.


    So pretty that I wear these all the time!


      You can use a silver polishing rag to lightly buff the sterling silver when needed. We carry them in Other Pretty Things.


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