Highly faceted Pyrite Bracelet with Evil Eye white rhinestones and blue center

Pyrite Bracelet with Evil Eye, Evil Eye Jewelry

  • Stones &Materials: 8mm faceted Pyrite, white rhinestone evil eye


Ready to ward off evil? Our faceted pyrite bracelet with evil eye is gorgeous. Highly faceted silver hued champagne pyrite gemstones look understated and beautiful. Pyrite once known as fools gold was primarily goldish in color. A champagne color that is also naturally occuring and has a stronger silver hue and is now mined.  Our evil eye has white rhinestones with a blue center eye and looks gorgeous with these pyrite stones.

Looks pretty alone, but is great for stacking as it has 8mm stones.  It is approximately 7.0 inches and is made on stretch cord.  Final photo shows it stacked with various bracelets that we carry.

About the Evil Eye: 

It represents the eye of God watching over humanity, the concept of divine providence. In the modern era, a notable depiction of the eye is the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, which appeals on the United States one dollar bill.



    This bracelet can also be available with a diamond Evil Eye.  Please contact us directly for a quote and photo if you are interested in a Pyrite and diamond evil eye bracelet.