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Hand Knotted Rudrakshra Mala with Sandalwood Beads and Tassel

Hand Knotted Rudraksha Mala


Our Hand knotted Rudrakshra Mala is a prayer necklace of seeds from India.  For centuries these 108 Japa Malas were first made of sandalwood beads or Rudraksha seeds and then hand knotted on cotton with a silk string tassel of red or yellow.  Made in India and brought from my last trip home, these Rudraksha beads are sacred prayer beads and deeply meaningingful to those who want meditation malas.


When you need calm in your life, find your way to the oldest form of meditation to reset your life with a bit of mindfulness and peace.  Rudraksha beads are seeds from the holy Rudrash Tree found throughout the Himalayas.  The Sanskrit word translates to "Shiva's Eyes."  Beautifully knotted and traditionally made these sacred malas are used in India and Tibet for assistance with focus. 


Select from a saffron yellow tassel or deep Indian red. May they help you find focus and bring you inner peace.


Silk Color

    Prayer beads originated in India by Hindu's and are still being used for meditation by Hindu's, Sikhs and Buddhist.  It helps one sanctify the mind, body and soul.  These 108 knotted mala beaded necklaces can be worn on the neck or hand when not in use. To use, wear on the right hand and allow your thumb to push each bead as you say your prayer.  The rest should drape over your middle finger as your pointer finger represents the ego.  

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