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The Mini Mantra Container layered with two other Breathe Deep Designs necklaces including the protection necklace

Giant Antique Onyx Mantra Container Protection Necklace

  • Length: 30-33 inch Necklace, Mantra Container 2.5 inch
  • Stones & Materials: Nepali silver protection container, antique silver and onyx gemstones, Pyrite, hematite and sterling silver findings + large hook-clasp


This is one of my most favorite designs using antique silver wrapped 10mm large onyx beads. Carefully wired with silver hematite beads inbetween, this labor of love has an etheria design to it.  You'll be noticed in this necklace while feeling lost in time.  Large enough to feel substantial but not heavy, the scrolled message you can place in this huge conainer can be epic!


approximately 33 inches with a wonderful mid chest drop for most ladies.  The container has been oxidized it give an old worn look that will remind you of far away trips. I wear this one often, both layered and alone.


Perfect to hold a prayer, or a message from the one who gave it to you and wear close to your heart. Use it to hold your prayer or mantra for that year. These prayer containers are reminiscent of the old antique ones found in India that are called kavach or Kavacha's and offer protection for the bearer from bad intentions.


Long worn by Hindus and Buddhists, they are a special way to hold a loved one close or a message with good intentions within. This item is extremely limited.


One photo shows how you can wear them layered and another shows the three sizes of containers from the mini to the giant!

  • About Nepali Silver:

    Every country has a different amount of silver they put in metal that they call silver. We import primarily sterling silver which is 92.5% silver and 7.5 which is not, giving it some hardening power as fine silver is 99% silver and quite soft.

    Nepali silver has some silver in it and the rest is considered white metal which can be a mix of various metals. It can be shinned up using a simple white cloth gently rubbing on the patina but mostly it is used oxidized to bring out the depth in design.


    Prayer Containers are an ancient design element that has been worn in India, Nepal and Tibet.  This size is one that was more frequently worn many centuries ago and often a part of long intricate jewelry.  Beautiful to look at, but more importantly, it carried a sacred wish, prayer or message near the heart of the person who wore it. One side of the capsule twists off to hold your scrolled message or mantra. 

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