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Bohemian Fine Silver Handstamped Feather Earrings

  • Length: 3.5 inches
  • Material: Entirely handstamped Fine Silver 


These are BOLD earrings for the woman who loves long dangle earrings and isn't affraid to capitivate.  Lightweight and made of pure silver /fine silver, they have a lovely matte finished sheen. Hand cut and hand stamped, they have an organic designed feather with a pretty decorative flower stamped inside. It has been lightly oxidized to show off the details.


Cut from a thick sheet of pure silver so they are not flimsy, these lightweight earrings hang 3.5 inches long and enlongate your neck as they dangle lightly from your ears. 


    Fine silver is 99.9% silver where sterling silver is only 92.5 % of silver content.  Fine silver is gorgeous to wear and has a soft irridescent quality to it. Simple mainenance includes keeping away from chemicals and wiping with a polishing cloth only when rarely needed.  We carry silver polishing cloths in our "Other Pretty Things."

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