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Southwest Magazine Feature - July 2019

I love Pinto Ranch and I love that they love us back! We are carried in all four stores throughout Texas and Nevada. Their most recent advertising was in Southwest Magazine, you know the one on all the Southwest flights? Well, my sweet friend was flying out from Texas to Cali, a trip I make often, when she thought of me and sent me this shot. How great is it that they were featuring our Breathe Deep Designs necklace in Opals and Buffalo Horn?! Caught in print by one of my lovelies!!

If you want one, contact us directly or drop into Pinto Ranch, we would love to hear from you!

20 inches of faceted Green opals and Buffalo Horn. Check out our close up below. Each pendant is slightly different as they are all handmade. Our pieces are made in small batches so they are as unique as you!

BreatheDeepDesigns for Pinto Ranch in Southwest Magazine
Our Necklace on Southwest the Magazine!
The Opal and Horn Necklace for Pinto Ranch in Southwest Magazine
Featured Breathe Deep Designs Necklace on Southwest Magazine!

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