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Wanderer Om Namah Shivaya Cuff Tibetan Jewelry

Wanderer Om Namah Shivaya Sterling Silver Sanskrit Cuff

SKU: BD-4638CS
  • Cuff: 1/2 inch wide
  • Materials: Sterling Silver


Our Wanderer Om Namah Shivaya Sterling Silver Cuff is a gorgeous sterling silver cuff that has been cut from silver, hand forged, hand embellished, and oxidized with the chant Om Namah Shivaya written upon it in Sanskrit.  Perfect as a mans protection cuff or as a womans protection bracelet.  The sacred chant is old and meaningful.  The cuff is 1/2 inch wide and is solid sterling silver. 


Originally written in Sanskrit, the sacred Hindu script, but used by Hindus and Buddhist alike, it invokes a protection blessings for the chanter.


Limited quantities. This listing is for one Sterling Silver Wanderer Cuff.  Perfect for the Global Wanderer to wear alone or with several other cherished bracelets on your wrist. Ideal for women or a man with a small wrist.  Last photos shown with our matching ring. 


    Cuffs are not meant to be worn closed shut.  Opening and closing it in extremes will put pressure on the center and will degrade the strength of ANY metal. Please always put it on from the smallest side of your wrist and leave it open by 3/4 to one inch once on.  Wearing it between other bracelets also keeps it safe! Use a silver polishing cloth as needed.

    This item is sterling silver. It is easy to take care of as it takes some effort to tarnish and needs only a gentle rub with a soft silver polishing cloth if it begins to patina. We carry them in the Other Pretty Things section.


    The mantra Om Namah Shivaya means 'adoration to Lord Shiva', or 'universal consciousness is one.'


    Last photos shown with our Sanskrit mantra ring. 

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