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UNISEX Vajra Enlightenment Onyx Stretch Bracelet

UNISEX Vajra Enlightenment Onyx Stretch Bracelet

  • Length: 7.00+
  • Stones & Materials: 10mm Matte Finished Onyx, Silver tone Dorje (Vajra)


Another Unisex matte finished onyx for the collectors.  A small batch of this design is available.  The Vajra, also known as the Dorje by the Tibetans, is a symbol of clarity and Enlightment. Read more in the sections below.


This listing is for one bracelet.  BDD-9742BOV


If you do not see your size, please contact us. I make these to order as there are so few and may take a few days to ship from order date.


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    UNISEX is suggested for most women or men with a small wrist.  

    Most Men will wear the Mens Medium.  We do offer a Mens Large too in some designs. If you don't see it, please contact us and we will make it for you if possible.




    The Vajra comes from the Sankrit word meaning Diamond or Thunderbolt.  A diamond is spotlessly pure and indestructible. The Sanskrit word means "unbreakable or impregnable, being durable and eternal". The word vajra sometimes signifies the lighting-bolt power of enlightenment and the absolute industructable reality.

    The Vajra holds deep significance of symbolic ritualism in Tibetan Buddhism and is woven throughout its legends and practices. The Tibetan name is the Dorje.  Followers believe the moment of enlightenment is symbolized by a thunderbolt of clarity.

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