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Barrel Turquoise mosaic Earrings on tray

Turquoise on Brass Barrel Earrings


Small pieces of genuine turquoise have been inlaid into a brass barrel bead to create a mosiac for the Truquoise on Brass Earrings.  Part of our Wanderer Collection, these earrings are suited for all year around and may just become a favorite of yours.  The genuine turquoise is of a deep green-blue found in India and Nepal.  The inlay process of using small mosaic peices of gemstones onto a brass bead is a lovely way of creating gorgeous beads even today.  


  • Length: 1 inch
  • Stones & Materials: Golden Hematite, Brass bead with Turquoise inlay
  • Hooks: Brass  


This is a perfect for one who likes smaller earrings but loves the Wanderer look! 

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