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The Wandering Ganesha Sterling Silver Ring

The Wandering Ganesha Sterling Silver Cuff Ring

  • Length: 1 inch tall
  • Materials: Solid Sterling Silver that wraps around your finger



The Wandering Ganesha Sterling Silver Cuff Ring is beautifully crafted in silver and ready for all of your adventures.  Heavy Sterling Silver makes this an ideal ring for women or men. I have been wearing mine for near a decade and am so excited to bring some back in stock. They are a solid sterling silver in a cuff shape in the back so it can be sized it to any finger. 


His large thoughtful eyes and face are just beautiful, ears are lovely in detail and he wears a japa mala upon his rotund belly.  He has been deeply oxidized so the details show. The back has two silver bands that can be sized to any finger and is comfortable to wear. Give us your exact size and we'll have him ready to help with your next adventure.


The Ganesha is a little over an inch tall.  It is the perfect size for a statement ring on a women, and a great size for even large handed men. Since his figure is arched or curved slightly, he doesn't stab into the sides of fingers when at rest.


What are you waitng for?  We sell out of of this beautiful ring each year.  Ready, set, goooooooooo. Where will you take the Wandering Ganesha? I would love to know!


    Use a Sterling silver polishing cloth as needed for patina.


    To Hindus GANESHA - is the Lord of Success and Destroyer of Evils and Obstacles. He is also adored by Hindus as the God of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.  He is often called upon or worn when diffult paths are be persued.

    Known as the Master of the Mind and embodies intelligence and discrimination. Ganesha bestows blessings of prosperity and success as well as offers guidance and protection for devotees undertaking new or unfamiliar endeavors. He also represents your potential growth, greatness and transformation. 

    To wear him, he should face out, towards people and thing in front of you that wish to hold you back.  If you meet me, you'll see that I wear him daily in such a way. 

    Much Blessings to you, my lovelies



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