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The Breathe Deep Designs Sterling Silver Multi Necklace Clasp

The Sterling Silver Multi Necklace Clasp

  • Materials: Sterling silver 10 x 33mm (Very large clasp)


This large sterling hook gives you the ease of wearing two or three necklaces at once.  At two inches long, it will be the clasp you never knew you needed!



  • If you have trouble clasping behind your neck this is great to use
  • Will help keep necklaces straight
  • Will add 2 more inches in length to work with any of your lighter existing necklaces
  • Great for layering smaller necklaces


HOW TO USE: Simply clasp your necklaces while in front of you to the large O ring of the clasp, then put it behind your neck and slip the other two or three necklaces' o ring into the hook.

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