Conch Shell pendant and Cube Cut Red Garnet Necklace

Red Garnet + Shankha Conch Shell Necklace

  • Length: Select from 18 inches or 19 inches (while available),
  • Pendant Length:  1 inch sterling silver wrapped natural Conch Shell Pendant
  • Stones & Materials:  5mm Cube Cut Garnet, Garnet and sterling silver front hanging clasp


Rare Cube Cut Red Garnet have been paired with a sterling silver encased Conch Shell Pendant.  The sterling silver clasp hangs in front as part of the design.  It is beautfully set with a deep red garnet.  Each garnet is seperated by a small faceted seed bead of Fine Silver making the cube cute shape more pronounced while laying on your neck.



Please note minor marks may be on the shell and we have chosen to leave it in its natural state rather than bleach and sand away its character.  Also, this item has been made in a very small batch of 5.


The deep red of the garnet has made it a favorite of mine.  


SKU: BD-6068NRG18 (for 18") & BD-6068NRG19 (for 19")



    The Conch, Chank or as it's best know the Shankha, is greatly valued in  Hinduism and Buddhism.  The Shankha is the giver of longevity, prosperity and remover of sins. It is the abode of Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and is connected to Vishnu.  It is meant for the goddess who is not affraid to stand out!