Prayer Gau and Onyx Necklace 1.5 inch pendant

Prayer Container with Onyx Necklace

  • Length: Necklace is 29 inches, Pendant is 1.5 inches
  • Stones & Materials: Matte finished onyx, sterling silver pendant, Gunmetal clasp


This beautiful UNISEX necklace is made of 8mm matte finished black onyx beads with tiny heishi faceted hematite beads. The prayer gau or prayer container has a removalable delicate back that can hold a loved one's photo or prayer within it.  You can use it to store a message a poem and wear it close to your heart.   The Matte finished onyx beads are perfect for either mens jewelry or womens jewelry.


At 29 inches long, this is a gorgeous statment piece for either a man or a woman. This unisex design is the perfect for the person who likes bold unusual wander inspired jewelry. 


Get this as a gift for yourself or a loved one before it is gone. This unique pendant is also known as a gau that is a keepsake for prayers and intentions.  It is one of a kind so don't wait!


    ABOUT THE DORJE: The intricately cut double dorje symbol soldered onto it is a good luck symbol. A single dorje looks like a lightning bolt with bells on either side, representing the Thunder Bolt of Enlightenment or the moment one realizes God. When this beautiful symbol has two dorjes crossed over each other like this, it is called the Double Dorje and brings the bearer protection and good luck.