Modern Organically shaped Bone Disc Earrings

Organically shaped Bone Disc Modern Earrings

SKU: BD-5981EB
  • Length: 1.50 Inches
  • Stones: Bone, Antique African Brass Bead, Golden Hematite
  • Hooks: brass wire and brass wire hook earrings.


Hand carved bone is organically shapped in these modern earring design.  Our fair trade partners create these pieces from yak that have passed naturally so no animals were harmed to make any part of our design.  In Dallas, we've added the Antique African brass beads to complete the minimalist design.  Generously sized, they'll glow in long dark hair and become a great everyday minimalist earring.


Please note, each piece is handmade and organically shapped.  Small variations and marks may appear on the carved bone. 


Upcycled and repurposed with greater value, what's not to love! 


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