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Natural Aquamarine and Brass Disc Earrings 2 inches

Natural Aquamarine and Brass Disc Earrings


As seen at the charity auction for the 15th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon of the Dallas Furniture Bank in Feb 2018. Tumbled and polished organically shaped Aquamarine stones are paired with light African Brass discs. The discs are made in Uganda and are hand made, light weight (hollow) and lovely. They add just the right sparkle for one that loves a more unique look. Overall length without the brass hook is 2 inches long and will look substantial hanging from your pretty ears!

The ones photographed here are more greenish and were featured at the Dallas Furniture Bank Luncheon in Dallas Texas Feb 2018. The bluish pair will have inclusions of brown and black in them.

Matching necklace is sold separately in the necklace section.

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