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Shell Beaded Earrings with Mother of Pearl inlay 1.5  inches brass hooks

Mother Of Pearl Inlay on Brass and Shell Earrings

  • Length: 1.5  inches
  • Size: .75 inch Brass embelished shell bead with mother of pearl
  • Stones & Materials: Brass bead with Mother of Pearl inlay, shell
  • Hooks: Brass  (optional 18K gold plated hooks)


Little pieces of Mother of Pearl shell are broken into a mosiac of irregular pattern and inlaid into a shell ball bead.  The ball is made up of shell with Brass detailing. A single Mother of Pearl disc above the ball gives it visual appeal.  Part of our Wanderer Collection, these earrings remind me constantly of the beach. My obession for Mother of Pearl remains beautifully intact!  The inlay process of using small mosaic peices of gemstones onto a brass bead is a traditional form of detailing that remains timelessa and lovely even today. 


These are stunning hand crafted earrings. Very limited.

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