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Large Gemstone Stretch Bracelet with Indian Coin

Large Gemstone Stretch Bracelet with Indian Coin

  • Length: 7.00-8.0
  • Stones & Materials: 12mm faceted Botswana Agates, Antique Indian Coin


This lovely Botswana Agate beaded bracelet is of gorgeous pinks, purples and chocolate browns and sometimes orangish colors surrounding an antique Indian Coin.  It is named as such beause this color variation is found only in Botswana. The pretty facets brings out the color variations.  Each one is different as the agate colors are naturally unusual.  Our Large Gemstone Stretch bracelets make great stackers.


We show two in a photo to show of the colors. This listing is for one. Most women will be a ladies regular sized wrist please select 7.5.  

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    Botswana is mined in Southern Africa and is a form of banded agate. It is considered royalty amounst the agates as the fine banding and rich colors makes this gemstone very unique and sought after by collectors. The color variation is known as a sunset stone because of its abililty to retain sunlight and give comfort to people during dark and lonley nights.


    These antique coins from India are out of circulation and have a darked oxidized patina on them. Since at one point they were actual coins, each one has unique variations of patina.

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