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Breathe Deep Designs Ethiopian Cross and Labradorite Necklace

Knotted Labradorite and Ethiopian Silver Cross Necklace

SKU: BD-6806NL
  • Stones & Materials: Turquoise, faceted Labradorite, silver cross
  • Length: 36 inches; Pendant: 2.75 inches with bail, 3.75 inch drop


The 2.75 inch Silver Ethiopian Cross is wired to a beautiful antique Nepali Bead inlaid with Turquoise with silver hematite on either end.  This beautiful bead is wired to the knotted gray labradorite necklace. The full drop of the pendant with the antique bead is 3.75 inches long.  This is a one of a kind handmade cross necklace.


    Ethiopian Crosses are beautiful handmade silver crosses made from "coin metal." The artisans smelt old coin and silver into the crosses so they do have a silver content but not enough to be sterling silver.  Each cross is then hand cut and polished by various artists so that no two are alike.  Because of the silver content, they can be polished up with a clean white fluffy rag to remove patina as needed.  Please be careful not to use chemicals cleaners as it will damage the crosses.  



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