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Golden Tibetan Lunar & Solar Calendar Earrings 1.5  inches

Golden Tibetan Calendar Earrings

  • Stones & Materials: Brass
  • Length: 1.5  inches
  • Hooks: Available in Brass hooks or 18K gold vermeil.  

Our Golden Tibetan Calendar Earrings are a soft gold tone finish with a small amount of oxidation. They rest on brass earring hooks and are suprisingly detailed. They go with many of our necklace designs and make a great goto pair of earrings as pretty sacred symbol jewelry.



    It is a combination of Lunar & Solar calendars.  The Tibetan year is counted 12 or 13 lunar months and each beginning and ending with a new moon. A thirteenth month is added approximately every three years, so that an average Tibetan year is equal to the solar year. The months have no names, but are referred to by their numbers. Animals represent the years similar to the chinese calendar.

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