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Fluorite Buddha on Fine Silver Chain Necklace

Fine Silver Fluorite Buddha Necklace

  • Length: 25 inch Pure Silver Chain, Pendant: Buddha 2 inches
  • Stones and Materials: Fine silver chain, Carved Fluorite Gemstone set in Sterling Silver, sterling silver hook claps


A gorgeous exclusively made fine (pure) silver chain of 25 inches is paired with an intricately carved Fluorite Buddha head. The Buddha head is a little over 2 inches including the bail. Sterling silver is beautifully set around and behind his head but the details of his peaceful face are just stunning. It literally glows purple. Our signature hexagon Om is asymmetrically placed to remind you that you are a part of all things.



Only two were made so get one before they are gone!


    Fine silver is 99.9 silver and is a higher silver content than sterling which is only 92.5. It is appreciated for its vibrant glow that is less shiny than sterling and needs very little management.

    Use a sterling silver polishing cloth if needed and wipe gently.


    Fluorite has one of the widest color ranges of minerals. The hues are vibrant with violet, green and yellow as the most common.  Its colors are most commonly found as zones of differnt colors within a single crystal, and these zones typically follow the contour of the crystals faces.  It is easy to break and difficult to carve so it is done very slowly and carefully to avoid heat and vibration.

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