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Large Prayer Container with Onyx Necklace by Breathe Deep Designs

Large UNISEX Mantra Container with Onyx Necklace



  • Length: 32 inches,  Pendant: 3 inches
  • Stones & Materials: Wood beeds with brass detailing, 8mm matte finished onyx beads, Nepali silver prayer container, large antique brass lobster clasp.


This beautiful UNISEX necklace is made of 8mm matte finished black onyx beads. There are antique Nepali wood beads decorated with brass details and tiny golden heishi beads between them all.  A large 3 inch India prayer container in an antiqued silvertone is the beautiful pendant.  You can use it to store a message or an intention for your loved one to wear close to their heart or for you to wear close to yours, my wanderer.  


At a long 32 inches, this is a gorgeous statment piece that goes well on both  women and men.  This unisex design is the perfect for the person who likes bold unusual wander inspired jewelry.


    Prayer Containers are an ancient design element that has been worn in India, Nepal and Tibet.  Considered a form of protetion against ill intentions, it is still worn today.  This size is one that was more frequently worn many centuries ago and often a part of long intricate jewelry. 

    Beautiful to look at, but more importantly, it carried a sacred wish, prayer or message near the heart of the person who wore it. One size of the capsule twists off to hold your scrolled message or mantra. Take care of what you write, your intention will be close to your heart.

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