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Agate and Turquoise Brass Ball Necklace 29 inches long

Agate and Turquoise Ball Statement Necklace

  • Stones & Materials: Banded Brown Agate, African Brass Beads
  • Length of Necklace: 29 inches, 16mm Agates, 6mm Brass Beads
  • Centerpiece: 25mm Brass hand inlaid with Turquoise bead 


Our Wanderer statement necklace made of African Brass Beads, Banded Brown Agates in matte finish and a statement Brass Bead inlaid in Turquoise focal bead. There are small golden hematite beads placed throughout to give it a bit of sparkle.  The matte finish on these banded agates bring out the gorgeous colors and feels soft against the skin. The large inlaid bead is centered is uniquely beautiful.


It is truely a bold Statement Necklace so it is in the BOLD Collection but it could be in all of my collections as it repesents all of them well! Perfect for the woman who wants a unique world design that can not be missed.


This necklace is bold and beautiful and can be worn with a suit or for an evening out.  Be sure ot grab one before they are gone!

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