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Bohemian Luxe Living African Brass Beaded Garland from Ghana

African Brass Ball Garland

  • Length: 30-32 inches long and 27+ beads
  • Size:  Ranges - most are from 10-15mm beads
  • Stones: Antique Brass Beads


These beautfiul Antique Brass beads are Fair Trade and handmade in Africa.  Beads are irregularly shaped from 12-15mm sized beads.  The unique shape and patina of each bead adds to their beauty.  The texture is so pretty you'll want to display it where you can let it bounce light.


Color Description: Brass



    This ancient form of hand creating brass beads  in Ghana and Ethiopia are second only to the upcycled glass beads as Africa's most popluar bead export. The lost art has had a strong revival for commercial export but it has often served as a thriving form of payment for the community.  Craftsmanship has also served to be a symbol of status and pride for African communities.

    Today, they help the economy of Ghana.  Each strand was personally selected from a Fair Trade vendor that is part of a cooperative in Ghana.  


    For Complimentary strands to go with these beads like the ones shown in the photos, please look at our selection of Garlands in Other Pretty Things.


    Each piece is handmade and are all organically shaped.  Small variations and marks made from sand will appear on the beads but add to their beauty.  The handmade brass discs are organically shaped as well and vary slightly in size. No two will be exactly alike but the image pictured is a likeness of what you will receive.

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