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Knotted sandalwood Mala for Meditation 31 inches long with jasmine

108 Hand Knotted Sandalwood Mala


Our 108 Hand Knotted Sandalwood Mala is a lovely and smells even better. Sandalwood know for its fragrant scent is a soft appealing smell that has been cherished by gurus for centuries.  Although it is very time consuming to place each knot, the end result is worth it.  It reminds me of the ones our gurus wear back in India even today.


Primarily found in India the Sandalwood tree has a beautiful light scent that helps one focus.  Mala's have been used for meditation by Hindu's, Sikhs and Buddhist since the 10th century. Now, they are favored throughout the world to aid in meditation as prayer beads.  It helps one sanctify the mind, body and soul. These 108 Malas are beaded necklaces can be worn on the neck or hand when not in use. When in use, wear on the right hand and allow your thumb to push each bead as you say your prayer. The rest should drape over your middle finger as your pointer finger represents the ego.  These sandalwood beads were selected from my home temple in Madurai India the last time I went back home.  I hope you enjoy the blessing bestowed upon them. 


Approximate knotted length is 31 inches. Beads are natural and unstained.  The silk tassel.


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