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Featured in Frisco Life Magazine

It is very exciting when stylists want your jewelry for celebrity interviews and photoshoots but it's amazing when you see it come together in print. Thank you Frisco Life Magazine for all the great photos. Our mens bracelets from the BOLD Collection were featured on Chris King in all the photos and his lovely wife Lauri King wore our long statement earrings in this spectacular photo below. I could not be more excited and honored to see these Wanderer Collection - Statement Earrings on such a beautiful woman and photoshoot. I have so much gratitude towards Leah Frazier and Keith Manoy for thinking to style this lovely couple with my special pieces! It just feels magical.

09 2018 Frisco Life Magazine jewelry feature of BreatheDeepDesigns on Laurie King & Chris King

Frisco Life Magazine feature of BDD Jewelry

Frisco Life Mag features our Statement Earrings from the Wanderer Collection

BDD Wanderer Statement Earrings on Lauri King in Frisco Life Magazine photoshoot

Frisco Life Mag Credits our BDD Jewelry on Chris King

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