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The Chunky Turquoise and silver ball necklace by Breathe Deep Designs

The Chunky Turquoise and Silver Ball Necklace with Extender

  • Stones & Materials: Turquoise, faceted pyrite, sterling silver, nepali silver, gunmetal
  • Length: 19 inches without 16 inch gunmetal extender (total length can be up to 35 inches) 


This chunky Turquoise necklace is versitile as a 19 inch necklace or as a 35 inch necklace when you add the pretty gunmetal extender chain that is 16inches long.  Wear it two different ways as your mood hits you!


This necklace comes with a pretty gunmetal extender that has its own lobster clasp so it can be removed completely. It is also strong enough to hold the large turquoise chunks.  


The beautifully decorative Nepali bead sits asymetrically on the chain and is eye catching with all the pretty silver pyrite.  Between each round pyrite, there is faceted silver pyrite too for just the perfect amount of sparkle. Wear all year long.


Last photo shows mutiple necklaces together, because sometimes you need more than one...



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