Wanderer Amethyst Essential Oil Necklace

Perfume Essential oil Vial Necklace in Amethyst

  • Length: 29 inches, Pendant: 1.5 inches
  • Stones & Materials: Amethsyt, labradorite, golden pyrite and 18k gold plated decanter.


Only a few of these gorgeous gemstone vial necklaces are made.  I added highly faceted gray labradorite to do this beauty justice.  The crystal point of the Amethyst is so lovely and has been drilled to include an 18K gold plated decanter.  The cap which is a lavendar amethsyt, makes the stunning end point and has a long applicator to make adding your oil or perfume to your skin.


It is long enough to be a layer necklace falling mid chest. Wear it with a shorter necklace or wear it with a long necklace. Either way, it can go over your head without using the spring ring.  You won't need to remove it to use the decanter!


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