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Sacred Buddha Necklace on leather

Leather wrapped Brass Buddha with Sacred Message Necklace

  • Necklace Length: Select from 24, 32 & 33
  • Buddha Pendant Length: 2 inches
  • Materials: Brass Buddha, Leather


This leather wrapped brass Buddha necklace with sacred messages is LOVELY. Created in leather by Buddhist monks there are two leather pockets; one on either side of the brass Buddha.  A Sanskrit Chant is sewn shut in one pocket and the other has an Om within the pocket.  


A popular chant from Sankrit, Om Mani Padme Hum is the sacred message which protects the bearer from negativity. This common mantra is used in yoga and in both Hinduism and Buddhism. The Om in the other pocket represents oneness with the universe to remind you to be mindful of all your actions on a daily basis.


Perfect for the Wanderer who has to maneuver the jungles of their next adventure or the jungles of modern day cities.  

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