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Large sized Jewelry Polishing Cloth

Large Jewelry Polishing Cloth


Our large jewelry polishing cloths polish more than just sterling silver. They are safe to use on gold, silver, brass and copper and leave a deep lasting luster. They are 7.75 X 5 and there is a photo showing the yellow polishing cloth completely open with jewerly for reference to size.  Some natural patina makes designs looked more antique but when you are ready to clean your jewelry, we recommend these cloths as dipping into chemical cleaners can and will erode some gemstones.  Deepa loves this one so much, she uses these herself.


Using polishing cloths is a safer way to manage patina.  Chemicals won't get transfered onto your skin like dipping jewelry in polishing liquids.


  • Length: 7.75 X 5
  • To Use: Simply rub surface to polish off patina with medium pressure.  This cloth is non scratching and the cleaning action will work until the cloth is completely blackened. Both sides are usable.
  • Care: DO NOT WASH the cloth and keep stored in a zip lock bag.
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