Sterling Wrapped Turquoise 1.5 inch Pendant on Gunmetal Chain

Hand Wrapped Silver on Turquoise Stone with Gunmetal Chain


A large bright Nepalese turquoise stone is wrapped beautifully in sterling silver, a technique passed on in India and Nepal for generations. Hand crafted in Nepal and intricately designed in silver, this pretty pendant is elegant and graceful. The richness of the turquoise is beautiful. The large rollo chain is in gunmetal and is 36 inches long. Pendant is 1.5 inches long.  Because of the gunmetals natural dark color, it pairs perfectly with other metal chains you might want to wear with it. This is a great layer piece or can be worn alone.  This item is very limited.

The earrings shown on the last photo are sold separately but are paired because they compliment the necklace.