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Hand Wrapped Sterling Faceted Gemstone & Hematite Necklace

Hand Wrapped Sterling Gemstone & Hematite

  • Length: 19 inches; Pendant .75 inch
  • Stones & Materials: Select from Green Garnet or Amethyst, Sterling silver, pyrite


Hand wrapped silver is wrapped around a gemstone of Amethyst or Green Garnet. An ancient technique passed for generations from father to son in both India and Nepal where this lost art techinque is still used in several areas 

  • Details

    19 inch long necklace of hematite stones and a beautiful faceted Green Garnet or Amethyst gemstone pendant. Each gemstone is hand wrapped in sterling silver in Nepal and has designs carved upon it with Om images. No two are alike as they are hand crafted. All components are sterling silver including spring clasp.
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