Give Back Bracelet for Hunger Awareness with 12 mm Beads and Matte finished Gold Om imprinted upon a hexagon

Give Back: Bracelet for Hunger Awareness Stewpot

  • Length: 7.30-7.5 
  • Stones & Materials: 12 mm faceted gray agates, 23K Matte finished gold Om, orange recycled silk tassel


Give the gift that supports many! Our beautiful gray bracelet is made of very large (12mm) faceted gray chalcedony on stretch material that measures 7.30-7.5 inches in length with a pretty 23K Matte finished Gold Om imprinted upon a hexagon. The other side has our company name. A gorgeous orange silk sari is wire wrapped to the bracelet.

The Gold Om represents oneness with the universe and reminds us how we are all tied together. Orange is the color of Hunger Awareness and by using recycled, up cycled, sari silk from a co-operative of widowed women in India, this ribbon gives these women chance of fair-trade income. Made from many hands around the globe with love, but designed and produced here in Dallas, Texas.

Please contact us if you think you might need a unique size.

Wrist Size
  • SIZES:

    There are two main sizes. A small which is for very small wrists and Average which should support most women's wrist. The large will be for custom sizes that are above average. Please be sure to contact us if you need a large.


    20% of each bracelet goes back to support Hunger and Homeless Awareness in Dallas, Texas by supporting the Stewpot - Dallas. Please check out this wonderful organization at for more ways to help!