Upcycled Pink Bottle Ghana Glass Necklace with African Brass

Upcycled Pink Bottle Glass Necklace

  • Length: 27 Inches
  • Size: 12mm in bead size
  • Stones: Ghana Glass, Antique Brass and Golden Hematite
  • Clasp: Brass lobster claw


Beautiful hand finished Bottle Glass beads from Ghana are here!  In Ghana, glass bottles are hammered into small pieces and the broken shards are placed into handmade clay molds.  After melting them in the fire, the color can be modfied, then these beads are removed and hand rolled in sand to create a matte finish.  


Beautiful African brass discs have been placed asymetrically along the pretty chain of beads to draw attention.  Limited Edition. Earrings sold seperately.  


Each piece is handmade and are all organically shaped.  Small variations and marks made from sand will appear on the beads but add to their beauty.  The handmade brass discs are organically shaped as well and vary slightly in size. No two will be exactly alike but the image pictured is a likeness of what you will receive.


Color Description: These pretty pink beads are a soft bright pink that are a brighter version of Rose Quartz in color.



    These beads were once a thirving part of the payment for the community and were recognized as TRADE BEADS. Today, they help the economy of Ghana and at the same time are upcycled - reuse of discarded objects or materials in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value an the original.  These beads have been personally selected from a Fair Trade Vendor that is part of a cooperative in Ghana.  


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